az09MindworkslogoShopping at Mindworks is fun! We combine interaction and play with an atmosphere of discovery. Kids can invent their own stories while pretending to be an astronaut, a princess, or an airline pilot.

Mindworks is Stellar's airport-exclusive, proprietary concept. Our merchandising and store environment focus on the specific needs of the traveling customer, offering a fascinating place to enjoy before departure. Mindworks stores offer bright colors, active patterns, and rounded shapes, with interactive toys as the props for adventure. What began as a partnership with FAO Schwarz in Chicago O'Hare International Airport has evolved into a chain of stores providing quality toys, games, and apparel tailored to the airport customer.

Mindworks engages the customer and enhances the shopping experience. Adults return to a time before deadlines and meetings, while children marvel at unique toys and displays unlike those in any other retail store. Hands-on toy demonstrations contribute energy and motion and truly bring the Mindworks personality to life.